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Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate
Boston, MA

The Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate serves not only as a memorial to Senator Ted Kennedy, but also as a learning center for the public. The inner 46 foot high “Cube” encloses a replica of the United States Senate Chamber, whose ornate ceiling is hung from a series of cantilevered steel roof trusses. A series of steel hangers extend down from the edge of the roof trusses creating an observation gallery overlooking the chamber. Separating the Cube from the surrounding low-rise space is a thin skylight which wraps around the perimeter of the Cube. Coupling the skylight with an angled ceiling allows just enough natural light into the space to avoid obscuring numerous digital displays. The entrance of the Institute boasts a 4600 square-foot column-free space supported by a series of steel plate girders with a clear span of 54 feet and a 17 foot long tapered cantilever which diminishes to 6 inches at the perimeter skylight.

Senate-Inspired Kennedy Institute Opens, Civil Engineering Magazine

2016 Architectural Lighting Design Award for Outstanding Achievement - Whole Building
2017 THEA Award, for Outstanding Achievement – Connected Immersion in Education.
2016 Interaction Award, for facilitating communication between people and communities, in the Connecting category.
2016 British Guide of Travel Writers Merit Award, honoring the top five new tourism projects visited by BGTW members in the Wider World category.
2016 Core77 Design Award Notable for Interaction Design, for interactive content and user interface design for websites, mobile devices and experiential installations.
2015 Spark Awards World of Design Gold Winner, for Experience Design recognizing innovative designs that can make a positive change in the world.

Rafael Viñoly
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