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Pendleton Hall Addition and Renovation
Wellesley, Massachusetts

Creating a monumental gateway to the historic academic quad, the new addition to Pendleton Hall is built into a large hill and improves pedestrian traffic across the meadows to the main quad. A unique blend of board-formed concrete, glass, and wood elements, the new addition along with the renovated Pendleton Hall defines a presence for all arts on campus. Transitioning from the renovated exposed concrete of Pendleton Hall which hosts studios for a wide range of media, the new addition embraces a more refined touch with a chamber music performance venue, classroom spaces, and an acoustically tuned performance hall. The classroom and performance spaces are flanked by central corridors and lobbies with exposed concrete topping slabs, board-formed concrete walls, and exposed concrete ceilings. These circulation spaces link the new addition to Pendleton West and the Jewett Arts Center, thereby emphasizing the community feel and facilitating collaboration across disciplines.

Kieran Timberlake
Wellesley College
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