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Physical Sciences Building
Amherst, MA

This new project consists of two buildings, the Physical Science Building (PSB) and the West Experiment Station which in part creates a new Physical Science District at the heart of the UMass Amherst campus. The PSB is an 84,000 square foot four-story building with a high-bay low-vibration basement for core matter and clean room research. Over the basement level is a green roof plaza serving as a pedestrian destination at the heart of the newly created District. The project also includes the re-creation of West Experiment Station (WES), a 19th Century research laboratory and one of the University’s oldest buildings. The re-construction utilizes original brick from the WES to restore the original 1887 structure. Linking the PSB, WES and other buildings in the District are two new bridges and a new tunnel, which enables sharing of resources and promoting cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Wilson Architects
University of Massachusetts Amherst
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