12.30.20 LeMessurier is proud to announce promotions for two of our most talented engineers, Irfan Baig and Nancy Varney.
Irfan has been named a Principal and Nancy has been named an Associate both in recognition of their outstanding technical acumen, mentorship, as well as activity on local and national committees.
Congratulations to both!

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Boston University Center for Computing and Data Sciences - Foundation Milestone
12.15.20 On Saturday a major milestone for the Boston University Center for Computing and Data Sciences project was reached with completion of the concrete placement for the tower core mat foundation. The project designed with KPMB, architect and Haley & Aldrich, geotechnical engineer includes a mat slab foundation for both the 20-story tower and 5-story podium. The tower mat foundation from Saturday’s placement consists of 4,200 cubic yards of concrete with thickness ranging from 5 to 9 feet. Utilizing a low carbon concrete mix reduced the embodied carbon impact by 30% from a standard “low-heat” mix. This resulted in a total reduction of over 700 tons of CO2 equivalent from being emitted to the atmosphere.
Exciting Changes for the Commonwealth Building
12.15.20 Exciting changes have taken place over the last few months for the construction of the new Commonwealth Building at the corner of Commonwealth Avenue and Deerfield Streets in the heart of Kenmore Square. This project, part of a larger development, is set to bring long-awaited revitalization to one of Boston’s iconic neighborhoods. Since October the large concrete mat foundation has been placed to support this new 9 story building and two levels of below grade parking with steel erection commencing soon thereafter. As of middle of November the steel is erected up to Level 3.