At the confluence of art and engineering lies the opportunity for innovation. Our principals embody this truism, bringing distinct educational and experiential backgrounds to our projects while remaining focused on delivering clients’ projects as envisioned. We boast leadership with over 200 years of combined experience in all aspects of the industry. In addition to guiding the firm, our leaders include chairpersons of local, regional and national design committees, professors in academia, publishers in journals and lecturers at conferences and symposia. With experience around the world studying new and existing projects, LeMessurier’s leadership is uniquely positioned to work confidently on any design.

Gregory Shreve, P.E., S.E.
Managing Principal

In his 40 years at LeMessurier, Greg developed his passion for delivering innovative design solutions on complex projects and cultivated his skill in the business of engineering working side-by-side with Bill LeMessurier and Mysore Ravindra. Greg has dedicated his career to bringing quality, efficiency, and economy in service to our clients and the enduring legacy of LeMessurier. As he takes over the operations of LeMessurier, Greg looks forward to strengthening and growing the team to support the evolving needs of clients.

Craig Blanchet, P.E.
Managing Principal

Since joining LeMessurier in 1997, Craig has taken the lead on many of the firm’s most complex designs, often leveraging his expertise in software and advanced structural analysis. A true emissary of Bill LeMessurier’s guiding principle to “simplify, simplify, simplify,” he has made it his mission to pursue the proper balance between engineering fundamentals and the ever-advancing technologies that are core to structural engineering practice. In addition to keeping watch over the health of our business, Craig will continue to push the envelope of technology with an eye on providing better service to clients.

William Lovallo, P.E.
Managing Principal

Bill has committed his nearly 35 years at LeMessurier to cultivating new and lasting relationships with many top clients. Working closely with designers, developers, builders, and institutional stakeholders he has created a craft of elegant problem solving. He has refined his active listening skills with a focus on understanding the client’s needs, allowing him to deliver specific, thoughtful solutions for each project. Bill is excited to bring his broad experience, professionalism, and refreshing candor to bear on his vision for the future of LeMessurier.

Mirza M. Irfan Baig, Sc.D., P.E.

Since 2018, Irfan has brought his wide experience in structural mechanics to bear at LeMessurier. Leveraging his earlier engineering on medical prosthetics, dynamic soil-structure interaction, pressure vessels, steel catenary risers, off-shore oil rigs and mechanical component analysis, he focuses on first principles to develop efficient, buildable solutions rather than relying on prescriptive design methods.

Derek T. Barnes, P.E., S.E.

Since joining LeMessurier in 2005, Derek has been instrumental in progressing state-of-the-art solutions which have streamlined LeMessurier’s workflow. His talents in advanced analysis have allowed him to lead confidently on some of LeMessurier’s most challenging and complex projects. Over the years he has worked closely with owners, architects, and contractors to deliver creative structural solutions for a variety of projects from commercial high rise to stadium structures.

Adam Blanchard, P.E.

Beginning at LeMessurier in 2006, Adam has engineered new construction and renovation projects for owners, architects, public entities, institutions, contractors and artists. Ranging from design to condition evaluation and from structural analysis to risk assessment, he has navigated anticipated and unexpected project challenges via strong client contact and attention to detail. Adam developed coursework and taught at the Boston Architectural College for over 8 years.

Richard Henige, Jr., P.E., S.E.

Richard has the rare talent of distilling the most complex problems to their base principles. Capitalizing on this and his vast technical expertise, Richard has used his 43 years at LeMessurier to hone his skills analyzing specialty structures and earning vice chairmanships on seismic and stability design committees.

Aaron W. Malone, P.E.

Aaron joined LeMessurier in 2006 after beginning his career at an architectural engineering firm in Portland, Oregon. Through a personal focus on understanding the goals and challenges of the architect, owner, and builder, Aaron has delivered many complex structures for the firm’s commercial and institutional clients. Aaron enjoys working with a team of engineers on large projects and finds mentorship of young engineers to be one of the most rewarding aspects of the profession.

Ian Neill, P.E.

Focused on the realization and execution of complex architectural and development projects, Ian offers a unique structural perspective rooted in a multi-disciplinary background. Since joining LeMessurier, he has been a consistent presence in the firm’s work on high-rise and multi-phase development projects. His versatility is highlighted through his other work on an array of projects including academic, renovation, and timber design.

Kaitlyn Palmer, P.E., S.E.

Kaitlyn excels at managing fast track projects, communicating effectively to keep the owner, design, and construction teams informed of the related challenges and crucial steps to realizing a successful project. With experience ranging from nanotechnology facilities to performing arts centers, from hospitals to dormitories to athletic facilities, Kaitlyn enjoys finding simple design solutions to complex problems.

Chad Pecsek, P.E.

Chad joined LeMessurier in the late 1990s and has gained a breadth of engineering design with projects that include K-12 schools, higher education, healthcare, commercial, and sports facilities. He welcomes the opportunity to work closely with architects and the full design team to achieve thoughtful and cost-effective solutions. For over twenty years, Chad’s commitment is evident through the projects he and his teams complete.

Nathan Roy, P.E.

Since joining LeMessurier in 2007, Nathan has developed a breadth of experience with projects in institutional, healthcare, cultural, retail and athletic sectors. Through collaboration with architects, owners and contractors, he has overseen the successful implementation of structural designs for new buildings, renovations of historic structures and specialty construction support. Nathan has also created curriculum and taught at the Boston Architectural College for nearly 10 years.

Scott Whitaker

Scott has specialized in understanding the performance of building enclosures as complete systems for 35 years. His reputation is built from guiding tradespeople, facility managers, engineers, architects, and owners through complicated designs. As the founder of Building Envelope Specialists - now part of LeMessurier - Scott has always been attuned to the Owner’s budget requirements and has leveraged his experience in architecture, structural steel, and miscellaneous metals to navigate projects.

William Gurley
Associate Principal, Controller

Bill spent over 15 years in the public accounting sector at King, McNamara & Moriarty, among others, before coming to LeMessurier in 2010. Bill also serves as Controller of the firm and was promoted to an Associate in 2015 and Associate Principal in 2022.

Susan Hulbert, P.E.
Associate Principal

Sue came to LeMessurier in 1979 through an internship program with Rice University and fell in love with Boston and the type of structures LeMessurier designs. Her passions include engineering projects that transform spaces, mentoring young engineers, and communicating across the entire design and construction team. Sue’s ability to think through all aspects of a design benefits architects so their vision of buildings can serve people now and into the future.

Stephen Jones
Associate Principal

Steve came to LeMessurier in the acquisition of Building Envelope Specialists, where he served as the firm Vice President and Project Executive. His exceptional communication skills and ability to cultivate strong business relationships, coupled with his history in managing complex projects and strict budgets, makes him a natural for his new role as the Business Development lead for LeMessurier. Steve’s adept at shifting between the granular and the global view in crafting an approach to meaningful process improvements and the timely flow of information.

Timothy Dean, P.E.

With more than 40 years as a structural engineer, Tim’s experience is instrumental in conducting forensic investigations and condition surveys including remediations for both structural and building enclosure systems. He works on all types and phases of projects from conceptual design through project closeout, from residential to large infrastructure, and from railroad bridges to power plants.

Congyi Qian, P.E.
Qian has built his technical experience over the last 9 years with LeMessurier, contributing to a wide breadth of projects spanning the eastern half of the U.S., from life science laboratories in Boston to student housing in North Carolina, and from renovating an existing recital hall in Pennsylvania to engineering a new one in Massachusetts. Qian demonstrates a remarkable depth and generosity of expertise.
Annie Vodenicharska, P.E.

Building on her more than 35 years of experience in New England, Europe and North Africa, Annie has completed a multitude of complex projects that include both adaptive reuse and new construction since joining LeMessurier in 2004. She has been an enthusiastic collaborator with architects and contractors during design and construction for educational, public and residential buildings.